Plagiarising Science Fraud

Plagiarising Science Fraud
Newly Discovered Facts, Published in Peer Reviewed Science Journals, Mean Charles Darwin is a 100 Per Cent Proven Lying, Plagiarising Science Fraudster by Glory Theft of Patrick Matthew's Prior-Published Conception of the Hypothesis of Macro Evolution by Natural Selection

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Why Darwinist Immaculate Conception Miracle Beliefs are Even More Irrational than those Held by Christians

Influential professional Darwinists, such as Richard Dawkins and Michael Shermer, are actively engaged in bragging that they are more rational than those who believe in miracles - such as the one about St Mary's supposed virgin birth.

As a social scientist and confirmed atheist, who thinks Natural Selection is the best answer we have for the existence of all species, and and extinction of certain species., I think that the hypocrisy and credulousness of so many atheist Darwiniists - and the accepted 'majority view' that they are right about Darwin and Wallace independently discovering Patrick Matthew's (1831) prior published hypothesis of natural selection - makes a laughing-stock of science. I think this, because, contrary to 155 years of newly proven professional Darwinist myth mongering, I have uniquely proven (Sutton 2014)  that - as opposed to none - seven other naturalists read Matthew's (1831) book containing his original hypothesis of what Matthew (1831) uniquely named 'the natural process of selection' pre- Darwin's and Wallace's 1858 replication and before Darwin's (1859) unique four word shuffling of Matthew's name for his discovery into 'process of natural selection' - and Darwin's and Wallace's replication of so many of Matthew's unique prior-published explanatory examples. Moreover, three of those naturalists (Loudon, Selby and Chambers) were known to Darwin/Wallace and influenced and facilitated their work on the exact same topic of organic macro evolution.

To recap from my earlier blog on Darwin being a newly proven liar:

The facts of Darwin’s lies should be clearly stated and the data clearly presented:

1.  In 1860 in his first letter to the Gardener’s Chronicle, to claim his rightful priority for his prior published the hypothesis of natural selection, which Darwin replicated without citing him. Matthew wrote that his book had been reviewed by the famous naturalist botanist John Loudon.

2. Incidentally, Loudon’s review (1832): of Matthew’s (1831) book contained the following sentence:

‘One of the subjects discussed in this appendix is the puzzling one, of the origin of species and varieties; and if the author has hereon originated no original views (and of this we are far from certain), he has certainly exhibited his own in an original manner.’

Matthew (1860) in his first letter to the Gardener’s Chronicle wrote:

In your Number of March 3d I observe a long quotation from the Times, stating that Mr. Darwin “professes to have discovered the existence and modus operandi of the natural law of selection,” that is, “the power in nature which takes the place of man and performs a selection, sua sponte,” in organic life. This discovery recently published as “the results of 20 years’ investigation and reflection” by Mr. Darwin turns out to be what I published very fully and brought to apply practically to forestry in my work “Naval Timber and Arboriculture,” published as far back as January 1, 1831, by Adam & Charles Black, Edinburgh, and Longman & Co., London, and reviewed in numerous periodicals, so as to have full publicity in the “Metropolitan Magazine,” the “Quarterly Review,” the “Gardeners’ Magazine,” by Loudon, who spoke of it as the book, and repeatedly in the “United Service Magazine” for 1831, &c. The following is an extract from this volume, which clearly proves a prior claim. …’

Loudon was a famous naturalist, Yet in his 1860 reply to Matthew’s 1860 letter, Darwin wrote the exact opposite to what Matthew had just informed him. See point 2, immediately below, for the hard evidence.

2. In his 1860 letter in the Gardener’s Chronicle Darwin’s first lie on this specific matter was written by his own hand:

” I think that no one will feel surprised that neither I, nor apparently any other naturalist, had heard of Mr Matthew’s views..."

To necessarily repeat the point already made, Darwin wrote the exact self-serving opposite to what Matthew had just informed him.

3. Naturally concerned that Darwin was denying the truth about the fact that his book had been read by other naturalists, and its unique ideas understood, Matthew (1860) then very clearly, in his second letter in the Gardener’s Chronicle – by way of reply to Darwin’s blatant self-serving lie – wrote:

‘I notice in your Number of April 21 Mr. Darwin’s letter honourably acknowledging my prior claim relative to the origin of species. I have not the least doubt that, in publishing his late work, he believed he was the first discoverer of this law of Nature. He is however wrong in thinking that no naturalist was aware of the previous discovery. I had occasion some 15 years ago to be conversing with a naturalist, a professor of a celebrated university, and he told me he had been reading my work “Naval Timber,” but that he could not bring such views before his class or uphold them publicly from fear of the cutty-stool, a sort of pillory punishment, not in the market-place and not devised for this offence, but generally practised a little more than half a century ago. It was at least in part this spirit of resistance to scientific doctrine that caused my work to be voted unfit for the public library of the fair city itself. The age was not ripe for such ideas, nor do I believe is the present one,..

4. Despite being initially informed that the naturalist Loudon had read and reviewed Matthew's book, Darwin lied in his 1860 letter of reply in the Gardener’s Chronicle by writing that no naturalist had read Matthew’s ideas. As can be seen in point 3, above, Matthew then corrected Darwin by informing him in detail of yet another naturalist who had read his original ideas on natural slection but was afraid to teach them for fear of pillory punishment. So what did Darwin do next? He wrote to a famous and influential naturalist with the self serving lie that no one at all had ever read Matthew’s book! To the famous French naturalist Quatrefages de Bréau in his letter of April 25, 1861 Darwin wrote:

“I have lately read M. Naudin’s paper; but it does not seem to me to anticipate me, as he does not shew how Selection could be applied under nature; but an obscure writer on Forest Trees, in 1830, in Scotland, most expressly & clearly anticipated my views—though he put the case so briefly, that no single person ever noticed the scattered passages in his book.”

5. Then in 1861, in the Third Edition of the Origin of Species – and in every edition thereafter, Darwin continued that exact same great self serving lie about Matthew’s book, and the ideas in it, being unread. That lie corrupted – for 155 years – the history of the discovery of natural selection. Darwin (1861) wrote in the third edition of The Origin of Species - despite being informed of the exact opposite by Matthew only the year before:

'Unfortunately the view was given by Mr. Matthew very briefly in scattered passages in an Appendix to a work on a different subject, so that it remained unnoticed until Mr. Matthew himself drew attention to it in the Gardener’s Chronicle,’ on April 7th, 1860.’

Small wonder then that Darwin’s Darwinist’s – being named for their lying hero – failed to check the truth of the matter. By way of example, Sir Gavin de Beer – Royal Society Darwin Medal winner – wrote Darwin’s great lie as the “gospel according to Darwin” truth: And – to necessarily repeat the point already made – until I personally put the record straight (Sutton 2014) not a single person corrected de Beer's award winning credulous Darwin deification claptrap:

“…William Charles Wells and Patrick Matthew were predecessors who had actually published the principle of natural selection in obscure places where their works remained completely unnoticed until Darwin and Wallace reawakened interest in the subject.’

Darwin was a self-serving deliberate liar. The record is independently verifiable. Darwin wrote the very opposite to veracious facts that he had twice been informed was the truth by the very trustworthy man whose ideas he replicated without citing their originator’s prior publication of them. And Darwin wrote those falsehoods – because, just as de Beer’s ludicrously acclaimed text goes to prove, they were needed to wrestle priority away form the true biological father of natural selection.

Had the powerfully connected and much revered Charles Darwin , responded in writing, in the Gardeners Chronicle and from the third edition of the Origin of Species onward, for the historical record with honestly, to the correct and honest information supplied by Matthew – as opposed to writing the opposite to it in a series of deliberate Matthew suppressing lies – the history of discovery of natural selection would be a veracious record, and it would be called Matthewism, not Darwinism. Clearly, today, Darwinists, named for Darwin, have a professional academic and ‘Darwin Industry’ interest in saving face and seeking, wormingly, to wriggle-deny by any embarrassing means at their desperate disposal, this obvious – fact-led truth. The pseudo-scholarly shame of it!

Immaculate conceptions by the liar Darwin and dishonest Wallace 

1. The purported "Blessed Virgin" St Mary of  Nazareth (if indeed she ever existed) has never been proven to have told a deliberate lie (deliberate falsehood). But it is, rationally, more likely than not that (if  he ever existed) St Mary's purported son (Jesus of Nazareth) was fathered, not by "immaculate conception" by the deity that the Christians call God, but instead by one of the human men who surrounded Mary - with whom she met and had physical contact over 2000 years ago.

2. The alleged Christian biblical apostle Matthew (if he ever existed) has never been proven to have told a deliberate lie. And the author of the Christian biblical 'Gospel According to Matthew' (whoever that was) has never been proven to have told a deliberate lie (deliberate falsehood). The Gospel According to Matthew is the main source of the holy Roman Catholic Christian story of St Mary's supposed immaculate conception and of wider Christian believe in the virgin birth of their prophet Jesus.

3.  Darwin and Wallace each claimed to have discovered Patrick Matthew's (1831) full prior published hypothesis of natural selection independently (immaculately conceived) of Matthew's prior published work. They each claimed this despite the fact that I have since uniquely discovered - and published in my book 'Nullius in verba: Darwin's greatest secret' - that 25 people actually cited Matthew's book in the published literature before Darwin and Wallace (1858) replicated the original 'bombshell' ideas and examples in it.  Moreover, I have also uniquely proved in my book (with newly discovered independently verifiable published evidence) that Darwin and Wallace knew, and that Darwin and Wallace were assisted and influenced by, influential naturalists who had both read and then cited Matthew's (1831) book pre-1858.

4. Darwin (1860 and 1861 - to his death) wrote and had published his own fabricated falsehoods when he claimed that no naturalists, indeed no one at all, had read Matthew's (1831) book before Matthew informed Darwin about it in 1860 in the Gardener's Chronicle. Darwin - in fact (following from what Matthew informed him) wrote that falsehood after and as the absolute opposite to what Matthew (1860) had twice informed him in print in the Gardener's Chronicle. Because Matthew (1860), on two separate occasions informed Darwin - indeed corrected Darwin once in print in the Gardener's Chronicle in 1860 on Darwin's first published claim that no naturalists had read Matthew's book.  Despite Matthew informing him otherwise - about the famous naturalist Loudon reviewing his book and an unnamed naturalist who feared teaching Matthew's unique discovery of natural selection having read and understood it,  Darwin told a lie when he wrote to the famous French naturalist Quatrefages de Bréau in 1861 about Matthew that "no single person ever noticed the scattered passages in his book".

Darwin further lied when - again writing the exact opposite to what Matthew had twice informed him in print -  by continuing with his big self-serving lie about Matthew's ideas being unread - from the third edition of the Origin of Species (1861) onward.

Darwin's lies about no single person reading Matthew's (1831) unique ideas on the origin of species have been taken as the literal truth by Darwinists for the past 155 years. By way of example, see Sir Gavin de Beer (in de Beer's Wilkins Lecture for the Royal Society (de Beer 1962 on page 333) . I am claiming, from the published evidence, that Darwin deliberately lied.

Loudon went on to edit two of  Blyth's (1855 and 1856) influential papers on organic evolution. Darwin admitted form the third edition of the Origin of Species that Byth was his most valuable and prolific informant.

5. There is no known evidence (on examination of his extensive publications) that Matthew ever deliberately misled anyone about anything. Hence, Darwin - in 1860 - had no reason for not taking Mathew's  word as a gentleman scholar about everything he wrote about who did read his book before Darwin's and Wallace's published dual replication of his prior-published  (1831) discovery in 1858.

6. St Mary was surrounded by - communicated with and was in the presence of - men whose testicles were more likely than not fertile (at least to some unknown degree) with sperm.

7. Both Darwin and Wallace communicated (pre 1858) - and Darwin met and physically associated with (Chambers)  men who had read and cited Matthew's (1831) book. Selby edited the journal that published Wallace's Sarawak paper and sat on several scientific committees with Darwin - and even had Darwin's father and Darwin's great friend Jenyns as house guests. Hence, pre 1858, Darwin and Wallace were in communication with (and Darwin and his friends and relatives in the physical presence of ) men whose brains were fertile (admittedly to some unknown degree) with the ideas published in Matthew's (1831) book.

8. No single other known case exists in the entire history of scientific discovery of someone who was not proven a fraudulent plagiarizer who knew personally and communicated with and/or was assisted by others who had read the work they replicated and then claimed to have discovered the same ideas independently of the prior publication of those by their originator. That makes Darwin's and Wallace's claims of  'independent discovery' a dual vexatious anomaly in the history of science.

9. Wallace claimed that he finally, and independently of anyone, discovered natural selection whilst suffering from Malaria. That makes Wallace's unique malarial cognitive enhancement claim another  vexacious anomaly in the history of scientific discovery. Moreover, Wallace, in his autobiography, doctored the published transcription of  one 1858  letter that he sent to his mother. The deletion of key words in Wallace's transcribed letter concealed the fact that he believed he was owed services and favors from Darwin and his cronies for his role and contribution (in absence and without his permission)  to the Linnean Society presentation of his paper on natural selection alongside Darwin's in 1858.


Darwinists' belief in their namesake's and Wallace's alleged independent discoveries of Matthew's prior published hypothesis, whilst they were immediately surrounded and associating with men whose brains were fertile with it, is allegorically analogous to Christian belief in St Marry's miraculous immaculate conception of Christ whilst she was surround by, and associating with, fertile men. Indeed, the Darwinist miracle belief is even more ludicrous, because Darwin and Wallace are proven to have been deliberately dishonest - whereas there is zero evidence that either St Mary, Matthew the apostle, the author of The Gospel According to Matthew, or Patrick Matthew were ever dishonest. Moreover, the Darwinist miracle belief is arguably rendered even more improbable than the Christian version, because Christians believe in only one immaculate conception. Darwinists, however, to their eternal intellectual shame, believe in two!

The New Data, which I have uniquely discovered, that 100 per cent proves Matthew's prior publication of natural selection was read by influential naturalists known to Darwin and Wallace and their associates, drags the vexatious anomalies of Darwin's and Wallace's claimed dual independent discoveries under the spotlight of probability, ethics, reason, honesty, rationality and veracity as a critical paradox that will lead to a paradigm change in the history of the discovery of natural selection. If not a miracle and if not science fraud, then some kind of  Matthewian knowledge contamination (fertilization) of Darwin's and Wallace's brains is rationally more likely than not.

On this website I have given you the facts. I cannot help with the brains. As an atheist, it irks me that Christians, indeed creationists, at least know that they believe in the miracle of the virgin birth but that weirdly respected scientists do not even have so much as the wherewithal to see past the optical illusion of the name "Darwin" to the fact that their miracle belief is 100 per cent proven even more ludicrously irrational by hard and independently verifiable facts.

I should now add – for the benefit of any biased Darwinists:

The usual response – to the allegorical analogy of “The Blessed Virgins Darwin and Wallace” at this point is along the lines of someone writing or saying: “You have only circumstantial evidence. You have no letter to or from him that proves Darwin was made aware of Matthew before 1860, so your arguments don’t stand up.”

Such a response in light of the discovery of new data that dis-confirms the Darwinist myth that Matthew’s book went unread by anyone known to Darwin or Wallace, is indicative that such Darwinists might be suffering from cognitive dissonance. because they ask for no such kind of “smoking gun” letter by way of a human admission of paternity of Jesus of Nazareth. The reason they don’t is because immaculate conception when surrounded by men who were fertile, though fertile to some unknown degree, is so highly improbable that rational people don’t need one to know it’s nonsense, because such conception would require a supernatural miracle. So why ask for one in the case of Darwin’s claimed immaculate conception of natural selection, when he too was surrounded by men whose brains were fertile, to some unknown degree, with Matthew’s ideas and great discovery after having read and cited him? Do Darwinists now wish to claim – in light of the data I uniquely discovered – that a 20 year long and repetitive Darwinist mental-contraceptive miracle took place?

Sorry Darwinists but the game’s up. You had a good run for 155 years. But hard facts trump claptrap in the end. And we now have new facts that do just that.

Please note: This ultimate fact-led conclusion has been posted for discussion in what might be described as a rather "Darwinist friendly" environment on Dr Mike Weale's website the Patrick Matthew Project.   
I challenge anyone to get the biased Darwinist Wikipedia editors to allow them to include on their Patrick Matthew page    the hard fact led 100 per cent proof that Darwin lied about the reality of who really did read Matthew's book pre 1860.

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