Plagiarising Science Fraud

Plagiarising Science Fraud
Newly Discovered Facts, Published in Peer Reviewed Science Journals, Mean Charles Darwin is a 100 Per Cent Proven Lying, Plagiarising Science Fraudster by Glory Theft of Patrick Matthew's Prior-Published Conception of the Hypothesis of Macro Evolution by Natural Selection

Wednesday 17 February 2021

Daniel Kahneman and the Charles Darwin Dream World

 Those who refuse to analyse the independently verifiable data of Charles' Darwin's science fraud by plagiary are doing so because it threatens their comfort blanket dream world 

Saturday 13 February 2021 : Don't report Twitter or other online abuse. At least not before you save it as research data for future generations

 I love

. . It is also useful for recording other things people have claimed. Donald Trump's Tweets are all gone now that his Twitter account has been closed forever. Unless, that is, like me, you archived them as 100% proof they existed. .

Thursday 11 February 2021

Charles Darwin, Trumpism alternate reality lies and science fraud by plagiary