Plagiarising Science Fraud

Plagiarising Science Fraud
Newly Discovered Facts, Published in Peer Reviewed Science Journals, Mean Charles Darwin is a 100 Per Cent Proven Lying, Plagiarising Science Fraudster by Glory Theft of Patrick Matthew's Prior-Published Conception of the Hypothesis of Macro Evolution by Natural Selection

Sunday 17 July 2022

Dr Julian Derry and his pal Dr Joachim Dagg and their malicious activities are all recorded in a legal dossier that is now circulating


In an earlier blog post the empirical data proving the recent admission by Joachim Dagg that he maliciously plagiarised Dr Mike Sutton's original research data is revealed (here).

Dr Joachim Dagg who writes in his online profiles that he is a teacher and member of the Ronin institute has been publishing weirdly obsessive malicious falsehoods, mischievous misrepresentations and complete biased fact denial rhetoric about Dr Sutton's research for years. Why? Because in 2014 Dr Mike Sutton uncovered empirical data that proves, contrary to the old myth that nobody read his 1831 book and the theory of the natural process of selection in it until after Darwin and Wallace replicated it in 1858/59, that more than 30 people did cite Matthew's book before 1858 and that several of them were known and admitted major influencers of Darwin and Wallace. 

Ever since Sutton's 2014 bombshell research and the method used to find it has been published in books, book chapters and peer reviewed academic articles "Desperate Dagg" and his even more  desperate pal Dr Julian Derry have been maliciously misrepresenting Dr Sutton's original research in an attempt to rescue Darwin from what one rationally anonymous USA professor wrote today in an Amazon (verified purchase) book review: 

'Sutton also documented that the Darwin Industry has worked hard to re-bury the newly unearthed facts that Sutton uncovered by fact-denial and censorship. Darwin’s status has now taken a major hit and may be the start of his fall.' (The Professor 2022).

"The Professor" has written 459 Amazon reviews.

"The Professor's" profile on reads: 

"I am a college professor and author of numerous books, now in 14 languages. I also speak widely in the U.S. and several foreign countries. I am also very active in Jewish affairs."

In addition to Dagg running a ludicrous childish blogsite based on the psychology inside his own head, rather than actual physical reality, his friend Derry has an arguably even more ludicrous malicious one that actually has Dr Sutton's name as its title (typical page archived here)

Dr Julian Derry, when not falsely pretending to be affiliated with Edinburgh University,  describes himself to academic journals as an independent academic. In fact he owns a tatty Darwin Industry paraphernalia business called "Darwin Monkey" where he is is falsely claiming to be a visiting scientist at Edinburgh University (see here) in order to sell his silly cheap Darwinite ornaments to the gullible. 

Archived proof  Dr Julian (AKA J.F. Derry) Derry is a Darwin Industry paraphernalia selling business owner:

How do we know the serial harasser, serial liar, "anal rape threatening tweeter" and obsessed malicious stalker Dr Julian Derry is not affiliated to Edinburgh University? That one is so easy. It is because he let slip he has been fired from the University for maliciously constantly harassing members of the Carse of Gowrie Sustainability Group and others involved with funding and building the Patrick Matthew Trail in Scotland with National Lottery Heritage funding in the wake of Dr Mike Sutton's (2014) bombshell research breakthrough that has tipped Derry clean over the edge. The proof is here. Typed with Derry's own hands. 

Derry is currently insinuating that Dr Sutton had his own (Sutton's) Twitter accounts suspended for any one or more nastily nefarious reasons (here).

In reality, Dr Sutton has had only two twitter accounts suspended by Twitter. The account Dysology was suspended merely because it is owned by Dr Sutton. Dysology was automatically suspended after Dr Sutton's Criminotweet account mocked both Boris Johnson and Donald trump by way of calling them each a "total retard" for their obnoxious and stupidly serial lying dishonest character flaws.

So Dr Sutton was "cancel cultured" by Twitter bots for using a word to describe such things as the ignition timing on a motor vehicle being - yes wait for it..."retarded". 

Now, of course, Dr Sutton was not writing about ignition timing. He meant that both Johnson and Trump are "backward". But today it is no longer acceptable to use such terminology to describe idiot twits and utter pillock harmful serial liars as "retarded" or "backward" even when you are doing so to punch upward against heads of state - both of whom have been kicked out of office (Boris) and voted from office (Trump) for serially disgracing themsleves with proven serial lies, racism and various other dishonest utter nonsense.

 Dr Sutton has never sought to appeal his Twitter ban. Why not? Because he thinks he probably did deserve it for writing the word "retarded".

 That said, others may disagree. But Sutton was most certainly not cancelled from Twitter for the nonsense listed in the image above by the malicious serial liar, jealous and totally obsessed mischievous  misrepresenter of facts, tacky brass monkey monger and laughably apparent desperate wannabe but totally failed in the attempt pseudo-criminologist Dr Julian - Desperate - Derry. Because, at least according to his own Amazon author page, the year before Dr Mike Sutton first published his bombshell research findings on Darwin and Richard Dawkins and Patrick Matthew on the Best Thinking blogsite, 

J F Derry wrote a rubbish gutter trash book in 2012 entitled "serial killers". Today it can be bought for a mere 40p on eBay. According to Amazon this is Julian Derry, He appears to be a delusional wannabe criminologist, but has failed miserably at it. Of course he has.

In 2022, Dr Sutton has been asked to provide others with a forensic archive dossier file containing the harassment activities (including poison pen malicious emails)  written by Derry, Dagg and their other associate, Dr Mike Weale. This dossier is now circulating and being officially assessed for several serious pending actions. 

"The Professor" who only today published his honest five star review of Sutton's latest book "Science fraud" and noted that the Darwin Industry is working hard to re-bury the facts Sutton originally unearthed on Darwin and Wallace may well be reading the Dagg and Derry Dossier right now. Others certainly are. Facts always burrow to the top in the end.  


                                                                            By Anon. 17.07.2022

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Monday 11 July 2022

Pitfalls of Plagiarism: The Case Study of Joachim Dagg AKA "Dagg The Plagiarist"

An important finding from my original research data on who cited Patrick Matthew's 1831 book "On Naval Timber and Arboriculture" before 1858 has been plagiarised by Joachim Dagg. 

The story of Dagg's research plagiarism in the Biological Journal of the Linnean Society is told on a couple of pages of my latest book (Sutton 2022) "Science Fraud", which is published by Curtis Press, and is available directly from the publisher (here).

 My book's full title is: "Science Fraud: Darwin's Plagiarism of Patrick Matthew's Theory". It can be ordered from any good bookshop, many online bookstores and is available on Amazon UK (here), elsewhere throughout all Amazon sites in Europe and most recently in the USA (here).

Dagg's Confession is now Published in the Public Domain

Last night Dagg let it slip that he is "rationalising" his plagiarism of my data. 

Such guilt neutralisation rationalisation is a well know pitfall leading people to commit acts of plagiarism (e.g. here) In his desperate haste to seek to rationalize his malicious plagiary, Dagg writes 1942. of course, the real date of Selby's newly discovered citation of Matthew's (1831) book is 1842. 

There is a page dedicated to the repeat plagiarism of  Dr Mike Sutton's original, prior published, research data on PatrickMatthew.Com. The specific page is here

Dagg's accidental confession is forensically archived here 

This blog post is archived here for easier citation and for posterity.

Sunday 3 July 2022