Plagiarising Science Fraud

Plagiarising Science Fraud
Newly Discovered Facts, Published in Peer Reviewed Science Journals, Mean Charles Darwin is a 100 Per Cent Proven Lying, Plagiarising Science Fraudster by Glory Theft of Patrick Matthew's Prior-Published Conception of the Hypothesis of Macro Evolution by Natural Selection

Saturday, 28 May 2022

Science Fraud bombshell book hits the USA in June 2022

 If you live in the USA and are a science reporter or science reviewer and would like a complimentary copy for review purposes please make contact with the publisher Curtis Press - LinkedIn reviewer shout-out Here from Neil Shuttleworth of Curtis Press. Or visit the Curtis Press website to request a free review copy: 

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Friday, 27 May 2022

Dr Mike Sutton's Academic Influence

 What a difference a science book makes. I am now, according to one major algorithm (give or take three hundred or so) the 31,000th most influential person on planet Earth - of all time.

 Here: (archived here:

In 2013/14, I made the history of science and criminological discovery of a lifetime. That bombshell discovery was made with the BigData IDD method (Sutton and Griffiths 2018). Today, you can read about it in my latest book: "Science Fraud: Darwin's plagiarism of Patrick Matthew's theory" (Curtis Press) Here: Amazon books or direct from the science publisher Curtis Press: here

It has been said that when history deals you a card it outlines your destiny

History dealt me a card  back in 2013 when I first used Big Data analysis to originally and uniquely prove, contrary to what we have all been told we must believe, that Patrick Matthew's (1831) bombshell breakthrough of the origination of the theory of macroevolution by the natural process of selection in fact was read by other naturalists before Darwin and Wallace (in 1858) and Darwin (1859) replicated it and then called it their own theory. Moreover, those naturalists who I discovered did read and then cite Matthew's 1832 book in the published literature record were acknowledged influencers of Darwin and Wallace and of their influencer's influencers and all cited Matthew's book before 1858.

 Today I have it in my head that the world's greatest science fraud by plagiary and Charles Darwin are one and the same thing. My latest book (Sutton 2022) proves me right. 

History is on my side only because the newly unearthed and irrefutable empirical facts are on my side. Ultimately, the side of truth and veracity will always conquer the side of myths, lies and propaganda. 

Covered extensively in the press in 2022

1. The Mail on Sunday (Feb 2022) (archived)

In Press Reader  (archived)  

2. Sputnick (Feb 2022) (archived)

3. The Scottish Sun (Feb 2022) (archived)

4. The Times (Feb 2022) (archived in full)

and here

5. The Courier (Feb 2022) (archived) (pdf)

6. The Daily Squib (Mar 2022) (archived)

7. Sunday Express (Mar 2022) 

8. Sunday Express serialized 1 (13 Mar 2022)

9. Sunday Express serialized 2 (20 Mar 2022)

10. Sunday Express serialised 3 (27 Mar 2022)

11. Sunday Express serialised 4 (3 Apr 2022)

12. The Courier (April 30 2022) (archived)

Sunday, 1 May 2022

UK National and Regional Press Coverage of "Science Fraud: Darwin's Plagiarism of Patrick Matthew's Tgheory"

 Science Fraud in the press since published in the UK ans Europe in February 2022

1. The Mail on Sunday (Feb 2022) (archived)

In Press Reader  (archived)  

2. Sputnick (Feb 2022) (archived)

3. The Scottish Sun (Feb 2022) (archived)

4. The Times (Feb 2022) (archived in full)

and here

5. The Courier (Feb 2022) (archived) (pdf)

6. The Daily Squib (Mar 2022) (archived)

7. Sunday Express (Mar 2022) 

8. Sunday Express serialized 1 (13 Mar 2022)

9. Sunday Express serialized 2 (20 Mar 2022)

10. Sunday Express serialised 3 (27 Mar 2022)

11. Sunday Express serialised 4 (3 Apr 2022)

12. The Courier (April 30 2022) (archived)

Tuesday, 26 April 2022

Even in Democratic Societies We are not Immune from Establishment Lies and Propaganda

Are YOU immune to being credulously hoodwinked to ignore or hate facts so much you can't see them?

History will look back at us and laugh. But perhaps today we still time now to have the last laugh.

Do YOU know what time it is? 

Get the empirical facts before its too late for YOU

Thursday, 21 April 2022

Wikipedia Patrick Matthew Page is being Run by Putin Type Kremlin Type Propagandist Liars, Fact Denial, Empirical Data Brute Censors!

 If you take a visit to the Wikipedia Patrick Matthew page and if you can tell desperate nonsense put there by desperate Darwin worshippers to hide newly unearthed empirical data that proves Darwin lied and plagiarised the entire theory of macroevolution by natural selection, from empirical facts, why not spend time reading the newly unearthed empirical facts rationally and calmly explained. 

No wonder members of the desperate so-called "Darwin Industry" are running about like headless zombie chickens. Dr Mike Sutton's bombshell data has blown their little clucking heads clean off!

Brief outline of empirical facts, all rationally explained Here (archived for citation Here)

Zombie chicken Darwin propaganda guano on Wikipedia (archived on 21st April 2022 for future scholars to cite ) Here

Most of the Wikipedia propaganda about Patrick Matthew and its content that is seeking to refute empirical research into Darwin's plagiarism of Matthew's theory and associated lies is complete lies and misinformation that has been put there, or else contains the claptrap written by those who have not actually read the new data on Darwin's and Wallace's fraud, by those caught deleting the empirical facts on who actually did read and then cite Matthew's book and the theory in it pre-1831. 

The nasty empirical fact deleting propagandists include Wikipedia corrupt Darwin Industry support editor "Dave Souza" - fully outed having been caught out deleting new found empirical facts in an experiment (before he was finally forced to stop deleting them when his activities were recorded) and he is now named and shamed in "Science Fraud" with all the evidence archived).

The ludicrous efforts of  Dr Dagg and Dr Mike Weale are also on the Wikipedia Patrick Matthew page. Both of these men maliciously plagiarised Dr Sutton's original prior published Selby data in papers they had published in the Biological Journal of the Linnean Society. Both Weale and Dagg are now named and shamed for posterity for that behaviour and, in Weale's case far worse besides, in "Science Fraud".) All such behaviour of theirs is fully evidenced as malicious activities and is cited to fully archived sources in "Science Fraud".

The malicious obsessive lies and harassment activities of  Dr Julian Derry are all over that Patrick Matthew Wikipedia page. This vile and Darwin obsessed individual has committed dozens of acts of nasty criminal harassment via poison pen emails etc and even sent the author of Science Fraud a vile obscene anal rape tweet. Dr Julian Derry's vile obscene and harassment behaviour is fully recorded and also fully archived and referenced. He is named and shamed and fully referenced to archive sources in "Science Fraud".

Science fraud, the bombshell 2022 book is available from all good book shops and on Amazon: HERE Or direct form the science publisher Curtis Press HERE

No wonder Wikipedia is the world's worst encyclopedia. The shame of it is now published and will be read about for centuries to come.

This blog post is archived for scholarly citation.

Monday, 18 April 2022

Could you be hoodwinked by state propaganda? If you live in the West, you already are.

 Is anyone immune to being misled by state and institutional propaganda? Are you?

Wednesday, 13 April 2022

World Influencers: How can we close the "influencer gap" on liars, monsters, plagiarists and their facilitators, pseudo scholars and empirical fact deniers?

 Dr Mike Sutton v who? Patrick Matthew v who? And what about you v who? How do you do?

Search on World Influencer rankings since 1800 Here (archived Here)

(NOTE: All rankings in this blog post are for 2022)
Are you on the list of the most influential? Are you ranked as a world influencer? How do your heroes or those you despise rank? 

Patrick Matthew is 100% proven to have influenced Charles Darwin's and Alfred Wallace's influencers and is proven beyond all reasonable doubt to have influenced by Darwin and Wallace to plagiarise his prior published theory of the "natural process of selection." The reason he is not ranked in the top 20 influencers all time in the world is simply because of Darwin's and Wallace's science fraud by plagiary and then their serial lies, and the falsehoods told by their adoring pseudo-scholarly fans, about Matthew and his (1831) book and who read it before they copied the theory (and much more besides) from it and then lied by calling it their own. Get the fact HERE

Darwin's World and Academic Influence (archived at April 2022)

Thursday, 7 April 2022

Scientists, stop parroting myths!


Tuesday, 5 April 2022

Ahhh Coincidence! Darwin's stolen notebooks are mysteriously returned.

 All good fun.

Monday, 4 April 2022

Part Four of the Serialisation of Science Fraud: Darwin's Plagiarism of Patrick Matthew's Theory int e Sunday Express (Scotland)

 Sunday 3rd April 2022 we see thee fourth instalment of "Science Fraud: Darwin's Plagiarism of Patrick Matthew's Theory" Here

Now read the facts and then, if you care about the importance of truth, do something to help stop the continuation of the credulous and ignorant teaching of false facts as education in our schools and universities. 

Get the book Here on the science publishers website 

Get the book at Amazon Here

Third instalment of the part-serialisation of Science Fraud: Darwin's Plagiarism of Patrick Matthew's Theory in the the Scottish Sunday Express

 Sunday 27 April The Scottish Sunday Express 3rd instalment of the serialisation of Science Fraud (the book).

Read it here.

What are you waiting for? This is an international disgrace. The so-called "Darwin Industry" has been profiteering of a massive lie since 1859! 

The history of science and discovery is corrupted by fake facts. 

Students must write the wrong answers to be marked right in their essays and exams. This is massively embarrassing. 

Read the facts and then help to set the record straight. 

Available on Amazon books: Here.

Monday, 21 March 2022

Serialization of "Science Fraud" continues in the Scottish Sunday Express Newspaper

 Sunday March 20 2022 saw the second part of the on-going serialisation of  "Science Fraud: Darwin's Plagiarism of Patrick Matthew's Theory" in the Scottish national press via the Scottish Sunday Express.

 . .   

The article can be read here. 



Monday, 14 March 2022

Science Fraud is now being Serialised in the Scottish National Press

 Read the introduction in the Scottish Sunday Express: Here

Read the serialised, hugely truncated and specially edited for the Scottish Express Chapter 1 HERE

Buy "Science Fraud" Here on Amazon, from the Publisher Curtis Press Direct, or order from your local bookshop.

This blogpost of 14 March 2022 is archived HERE

Friday, 11 March 2022

A Further Investigation of those who were First to Be Second (F2B2): The case of Thomas Laycock

On Matthew's (1831) apparently original phrase "mental of instinctive powers."

 "Science Fraud" not only lists those who actually cited Matthew's 1831 book before 1858, it also lists (List 2) those who BigData research reveals were apparently first (after Matthew 1831) to go into print with apparently unique "Matthewisms". Being apparently "first to be second" with an apparently unique "Matthewism" they are said in short to be "F2B2".

Thomas Laycock is one of the names in my List 2. Not only does "Science Fraud" reveal his works on the theme of organic evolution, it also reveals who he associated with who were associates of Charles Darwin.

But today (11 March 2022) I discovered something more in my continued research into this area. Today, I found that without citing Matthew (1831) Laycock (1832) wrote extensively aping Matthew's work on his observations on the fact that trees that are artificially selected by humans are of inferior quality to those growing in the wild. Here

This provides yet more confirmatory evidence to support the F2B2 hypothesis stated in Science Fraud, the book. 

In my most recent book "Science Fraud: Darwin's Plagiarism of Patrick Matthew's Theory" there are many examples where those in List 2 are found to have been interested in the same lines of enquiry as Matthew, or to have later written about observations he first made, but without citing. Some were F2B2 and later in other publications they then actually cited Matthew's bombshell book "On Naval Timber". All before Darwin and Wallace replicated Matthew's theory and claimed it as their own. 

Schacter (2012) Provides further information about Laycock (who first introduced himself to me when I used the IDD method to see if anyone was F2B2 with Matthew's (1831) apparently original phrase "mental or instinctive powers"). Amazingly, although he wrote on Matthew's (1831) topic of organic evolution and used Matthew's apparently original term without citing him Schacter (p.115) reveals that Laycock wrote on the topic of instinct the same concept that Matthew had pioneered. 


Schacter's (2012) book "Forgotten Ideas, Neglected Pioneers: Richard Semon and the Story of Memory" was found simply by typing the following search term into Google's standard search page: "Laycock" "Matthew" "Naval Timber" as in the image below.

The result I got today 13.03.2022 is archived Here. And if you scroll down the Google results first page of hits you will find Schacter's excellent book comes up. 

Next if we take the same three terms as above - in inverted commas exactly as above - but click for Google to search on books we find Schacter's earlier book also covered this topic. The image below reveals all.

As this research continues to reveal more about the previously unknown life of Matthew's 1831 book, namely who read it and was influenced by it, and who that "knowledge contamination" in turn influenced like a meme, it is important to remember that Laycock introduced himself to me because he was conjured up out of the publication record like a human spectre, living in a long forgotten book in the historic publication record. The spell that bought him forward was simply Googling the apparently coined by Matthew (1831) turn of phrase "mental or instinctive powers."

Those self-proclaimed sceptics who write in desperate defense of the "Darwin Industry" such as Professor Shermer all lacked the most basic but necessary skeptical curiosity to check their own bias when writing in support of Darwin's proven lie that Matthew's theory was hidden in the appendix of his book and that no one read it so it can't have influenced Darwin. Shermer's "its not a zero sum game" flim-flam in that regard is dealt with in Science Fraud. But really, Shermer, and all those other acolytes of the bearded God / father substitute Charles Darwin should have used Big Data analysis of the 40+million or more books and articles now scanned and in the Google library. Namely, Shermer (and others like him) should have looked at who was apparently first to be second (F2B2) with apparently original Matthewisms, as I did. Here is what Shermer writes. Note the excruciating fact that Matthew's phrase "mental or instinctive powers' is there in the text Shermer thinks nobody was influenced by (Shermer 2002) Here

The plot thickens as we drill down deeper for historical gold in the publication record

When we simply Google "Darwin" "Laycock" the influence of Laycock (who had apparently been influenced by Matthew's 1831 book) on Charles Darwin becomes startlingly clear. Now we see "experts" who were misled by the Matthew Effect in science not to focus their attention on the cultural tracers of Matthew's book explain the influence of Laycock on Darwin: Here

Frank Sulloway (1979) in "Freud, Biologist of the Mind" the writes on the topic here

Archived editions of this page:

13.03.2022 Here

.  . .

Monday, 7 March 2022

Oh the Satire of it all: The Daily Squib Nails the Credulous Darwinite Zombie Horde to the floor of their own stupidity

Today (07 March 2022) The Daily Squib sets the record straight on the Charles - The Dirty Plagiarist -Darwin, the "Darwin Industry" and its enablers - such as the fact censoring and malicious disinformation spreading pseudo-scholars of Wikipedia. Here (archived here) .

The cat is out of the bag on Charles Darwin's filthy science fraud by lies and plagiarism and no amount of the traditional fact denial pseudo scholarship of the Darwin Industry can ever get it back in @CurtisPress_ @DailySquibs @DAILYSQUIB @SoniaPoulton
. .

Wednesday, 2 March 2022

Empirical facts or conspiracy theory


. . .



Tuesday, 22 February 2022

Charles Darwin, Alfred Wallace, Patrick Matthew and Mike Sutton - Who is the Beast?

😂 Is Amazon the beast? Is it Sutton? Or is it Darwin? Or Matthew? Or is it Wallace? In the name of God who the Hell is the Beast? Buy the book and read the shocking "revelations" in it to find out. Is this the "end of days" for Charles Darwin? 😈💀 

Buy this bombshell book on Amazon for the price of the "mark of the beast" and exorcise - or else exercise, your demons now. 

Thursday, 17 February 2022

Darwin Trust Employee George Beccaloni is about as objective as any brainwashed Darwin fanatic about the New Data and Charles Darwin

Someone using George Beccaloni's pseudonym Megaloblatta on February 16 2022 entered a link to typical Darwin fact hating superfan nonsense on the Wikipedia page for Patrick Matthew (relevant Wikipedia history page archived here.) 

Beccaloni (claims to be employed by the "Darwin Trust") that appears to be true but he also pretends he is an objective scholar on the question of Matthew and Darwin. However, verifiable empirical evidence proves he is the opposite.

Facts about George Beccaloni and Darwin's Plagiarism of Patrick Matthew's theory

Firstly before commenting on my research into the story of Matthew, Darwin and Wallace George Becalloni dismissed it as untrue on a Richard Dawkins fans website and was caught in the act by Bob Butler my then publisher and CEO of Thinker Media. There, caught red handed Beccaloni was confronted by Butler and so was forced to admit he was commenting negatively on an academic book he had not even read. Therefore, anything Beccaloni writes about my research after that serious academic irregularity is worse than just tainted by his proven completely biased and desperate unprofessionally childish fact denial behaviour. It is contaminated by Beccaloni's proven prejudiced pseudoscientific thinking.

The 2022 post "Science Fraud" Darwinite fight-back against the facts is likely to ramp up over the coming months. Already George Beccaloni an employee  of The Darwin Trust, no less, is getting published links on the Wikipedia page of Patrick Matthew to his ludicrous blog site. Wikipedia is not supposed to link to blog sites, under its own rules. But the Darwin horde is running the Patrick Matthew and Charles Darwin pages on Wikipedia, and one of them is proven by his own hand to be not only dishonest but employed by the Darwin Trust!

 Megaloblatta publishing on Wikipedia on Beccaloni's recent published activity on to a blog post written by Beccaloni on his own site here

George Beccaloni caught red-handed dishonestly pretending - like any other desperate and panicking pseudoscientific fanatic does - to know the factual content of a book he had not even read here.

Beccaloni's subsequent blog on the topic he clearly proved himself untrustworthy to review. Here.

Why is this being added to Wikipedia today? Is it because Darwin superfans like Beccaloni, the world over, are in a fact denial panic about my new history of science book "Science Fraud" and the mass of press coverage it is receiving?

I geck them with empirical facts. They hate that, these fanatical members of the Darwinite Zombie Horde.

This page is archived for researchers, journalists and anyone else investigating the dishonesty at the core of the so-called "Darwin Industry" and its activities in publishing to promote falsehoods, mischievous misrepresentations of scholarly research and fact-denial censorship

Friday, 11 February 2022

Science Fraud discussed on the Sonia Poulton Show 11th Feb 2022 with Dr Mike Sutton


Sunday, 6 February 2022

Bombshell new Research Data on Darwin's Plagiarism goes Viral in 2022


  . .

 In the week leading up to Darwin Day 2022 Empirical research data proves once and for all that the genie is out of the bottle on Darwin's plagiarism, lies and glory thieving science fraud.

1. The English Mail on Sunday: Here . Archived Here

2. The Scottish Mail on Sunday


3. Sputnick News. Archived HERE

4. Scottish Daily Express 

. .

The Times Archived here:

More here: