Plagiarising Science Fraud

Plagiarising Science Fraud
Newly Discovered Facts, Published in Peer Reviewed Science Journals, Mean Charles Darwin is a 100 Per Cent Proven Lying, Plagiarising Science Fraudster by Glory Theft of Patrick Matthew's Prior-Published Conception of the Hypothesis of Macro Evolution by Natural Selection

Thursday 6 October 2022

Undeclared Commercial Conflict of Interest? Lunatic J F (Julian) Derry the Darwin Monkey Monger and Youth Hostel Toilets Cleaner

 If in any doubt that J F Derry is a psychopathic idiot in need of a padded cell and straight jacket for his own good click here to read his mad malicious and delusional obsessive childish idiocy. The poor deranged twerp. 

Julian Derry who, according to Linked-in, merely works as some kind of  youth hostel cleaner, appears to have a mental disorder that certainly involves a lot of complete weird projection of his own transparent inadequacies and malicious jealous behaviour onto others.  But when beloved old paradigms are overturned with new data we know such excellent yet shocking discoveries bring the sad and lonely nutters out of their mother's basements, and filthy little youth hostels, and onto the Internet. The "Fierce Resistance" stage in Kuhn's paradigm change cycle explains it (see Sutton 2022 for more examples and a deeper explanation).

Here we see a typical example (
Derry [Archived] on Twitter), in the image directly below of no doubt his own visits to his own stalker blog site that he has retweeted from another of his Twitter account. Real academics and journalists - particularly criminologists and psychologists - will no doubt cite this kind of thing in future case studies of such poor deranged creatures.

Besides cleaning a youth hostel for a living, Dr Julian (J.F. ) Derry is the nasty anal rape tweeting harassing and obsessively jealous, malicious and obscene, criminal stalker nut job (here) who owns and runs and profits financially from the commercial "Darwin Monkey" (see proof its him )  business - selling Darwin Industry paraphernalia models / ornaments -  is publishing academic papers on Charles Darwin and so is surely (isn't he?) wrongly declaring no conflict of interest: e.g a most recent Royal Society paper

Surely that is against the rules? Isn't it? Surely he is then, on his own silly little stalker website, projecting his own academic misconduct onto others who have not committed any academic misconduct - other than using empirical data to upset jealous academic failure nut cases like Derry and others blindly facilitating the Darwin Supermyth in the deluded hope they can somehow magically bury the hateful newly unearthed empirical data evidenced facts that bust it.

Here is as good a definition of what constitutes a commercial conflict of interest when it comes to academic papers as any: 

"A conflict of interest is a financial, intellectual relationship, personally owned and operated commercial business, or other  circumstances, that might affect, or reasonably be perceived by others to affect, an author’s judgement, conduct, or manuscript. When in doubt, disclose.More Here

Derry is criminally harassing Professor Mark Griffiths simply because Mark has supported the veracity of the new data that proves other naturalists did read (because it is newly found they cited it) Matthew's 1831 book containing the theory of evolution by natural selection before Darwin and Wallace replicated it. Deranged Derry criminally harasses anyone who does so. Here he is at it again. Totally insane obsessed, deluded nonsense as usual He needs serious psychiatric help. Obviously. How long before this total obsessive stalker loon harms someone? 

How many other academic papers about Darwin, or at least once mentioning Darwin, has Julian Derry done his failure to disclose act on? The telling question is this: What would the journal editors do if they found out what he is up to? How can his articles be objective when he has an undeclared commercial business interest in selling Darwin ornaments that glorify Darwin? Should his Darwin superfan papers now be retracted? Some cases like this lead to exactly that outcome. See: