Plagiarising Science Fraud

Plagiarising Science Fraud
Newly Discovered Facts, Published in Peer Reviewed Science Journals, Mean Charles Darwin is a 100 Per Cent Proven Lying, Plagiarising Science Fraudster by Glory Theft of Patrick Matthew's Prior-Published Conception of the Hypothesis of Macro Evolution by Natural Selection

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Possibly the Most Ironic Thing in the History of the World

This very can of spinach is used as a paperweight in my colleague, Roger Hopkins Burke's office at Nottingham Trent University, England
Possibly the most #ironic    thing in the history of the world is also about iron. Just how ironic is that?

Dr Mike Sutton (2016) Supermyths.comAttribution
The Popeye & Spinach Iron Myth is Possibly the Most Ironic thing of All Time

I wonder, what is the most ironic thing of all time?

What about the "Spinach Popeye Iron Decimal Point Error Myth" (SPIDES)? 

The myth was used inadvertently by expert sceptics who credulously believed it to be veracious, because they failed to check its provenance, as a most popular example of the need to check the accuracy of data before presenting it in order to prevent the creation and dissemination of fallacies and myths.

I suppose this is classed as "situational irony". However, now that you know about it, if you see someone using the myth as though it is veracious, is that not also a type of "dramatic irony"?


I am most delighted that the esteemed HealthWatch    organisation, which is an independent charity for science and integrity in medicine, invited me to write an article on the myth that was first bust here on BestThinking, and has since been read by over 50,000 people.
My HealthWatch article can be read here (Sutton 2016)   .
I am hoping now to spread the word further about the SPIDES supermyth, in the hope - and it is only hope - because we can only hope without further research into what works in nutritional attitude change that my attempts will not back-fire and make things worse - that the humour and the irony of it all will help people make informed nutritional choices about iron.
The World Health Organisation (WHO) on Iron

I wonder, Will Professor Steve Jones (FRS) now be "knowledge contaminated" about Supermyths   ?

There has been a "state of denial" canny indifference amongst most of the World's top Darwin scholars to the Supermyth busting "New Data" facts (e.g.Sutton 2016   ), which puncture the premise underpinning the old Darwinist paradigm of tri-independent discovery of Matthew's prior-published original conception of macroevolution by natural selection. 

I wonder, now, will the most esteemed and leading Darwinist Professor Steve Jones    (FRS) be "knowledge contaminated" on the topic of Supermyths and Charles Darwin - given that he is a notable patron of HealthWatch, which introduces the supermyth concept in its quarterly newsletter (newsletter 101) this month and given that he was on Radio 4   ,along with Dr Mike Weale, last year revealing - most unfortunately for the veracious history of scientific discovery - just how little he and Weale apparently understood - or else perhaps cared to share with the public - about the newly discovered and 100 per cent proven prior-readership of Patrick Matthew's original conception of macroevolution by natural selection by Darwin's and Wallace's associates, influencers and their influencer's influencers and Darwin's 100 per cent proven lies on that very topic (see Sutton 2014    for the Darwin and Wallace Immaculate Conception Supermyth bust). 

Interestingly, Dr Mike Weale - Professor Stephen Jones's Radio 4 Patrick Matthew and Charles Darwin programme associate - is well aware of my work on supermyths. When Dr Weale publically accused me on his website of creating my own supermyth on the story of Darwin, Wallace, and Matthew and the history of discovery of natural selection    I sent him a challenge, as a comment for consideration on his completely unevidenced disparaging accusation about my work, via the first approved and moderated (by Weale) comments section of his website. Weale then personally published my challenge to him to debate the issue with me in any prestigious university setting of his choice, time and place, with as many supporters as he needed, before an academic audience and on camera. Despite several attempts to get him to change his mind, Weale refused on the stated grounds that he feared I would mock him and "sling mud" at him for the world to see. See my recent article on the de facto "MacDarwin Industry" regarding how Dr Mike Weale's unevidenced accusation, and refusal to defend it in public, on camera, can be understood in context of wider pseudo scholarly Darwin scholar uncomfortable "New data" fact denial behaviour. Moreover, even Wikipedia editors are systematically deleting the facts of the published historical record on this topic and pretending to the public that they do not exist. See how I caught them in an online public encyclopedia fraud sting operation - here.

"Life has a funny, funny way of sneaking up, up on you...and everything blows up in your face!    "

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