Plagiarising Science Fraud

Plagiarising Science Fraud
Newly Discovered Facts, Published in Peer Reviewed Science Journals, Mean Charles Darwin is a 100 Per Cent Proven Lying, Plagiarising Science Fraudster by Glory Theft of Patrick Matthew's Prior-Published Conception of the Hypothesis of Macro Evolution by Natural Selection

Wednesday 6 September 2023

On The Darwin Fact Denial Cult

 After I discovered the new data on who really did read (and then cited in the literature) Patrick Matthew's (1831) prior publication of the full and complete theory of the Process of Natural Selection before Darwin (1858/1859) stole it with the help of the stooge Wallace a number of desperate brown nosing nominals in the Darwin fact denial cult tried to rubbish my name.

Who is Julian Derry AKA J.F. Derry?

Most worryingly he is a Youth Hostel Association employee  see also here who spends much of his demented sad life, when not falsely claiming to be a visiting scientist at the University of Edinburgh (Staff there told managers at Nottingham Trent University and others who have complained about the stalker that they have never heard of him and he is definitely not a visiting scholar there) and flogging his overpriced tacky Darwin statues online to the gullible, endlessly harassing my former employer Nottingham Trent University especially its senior managers and my colleagues with literally hundreds of daily retarded emails because that is where the Darwin  myth was bust) has set up a retarded anti-fact blog that provides us with excellent empirical data to confirm Kuhn's revelations about how such nasty retard creepy little creatures do such things before we obtain a painful fact-led mythbusting paradigm shift in science. 

We should be grateful to Derry for this confirmatory empirical evidence for Kuhn's research.

Here on Derry's little stalker site (scroll to the bottom of it) we see Derry with his fixed hopeless manic grin retardedly trying to convince people that I am some kind of child abuser or terrorist etc and was banned from Twitter for such conduct.

In reality I was banned from Twitter by cancel culture robots for calling the retarded idiot criminals Donald Trump and Boris Johnson "retarded". This is empirical evidence, Darwin fanatics hate empirical facts they don't like and their stalker harassment behaviour proves it. Donald Trump and Boris Johnson are both retarded idiots. The retarded Twitter bots may not like that language but I stand by it. It's goodbye on Twitter (now X) to anyone tweeting about their car having retarded ignition timing.

Students and journalists and anyone else please feel free to use the images (below) in your academic work - or anywhere else

The Empirical Evidence of what Kind of Disgusting Creature is in the Darwin Fact Denial Cult. This is Julian Derry and what he does on Twitter (here)

A few sample examples of more of their (for academic study) valuable desperate anti-scientific behaviour can be found on On this page: 

The Biological Journal of the Darwin worshiping Linnean Society has even facilitated repeat plagiarism of my original research findings on Selby citing Matthew in the 1840's whilst failing to understand its significance and totally failing to engage with the rest of the important New Data.The author of that paper is Dagg. Take a look at his Darwin cult nominal deranged pseudo-science and pseudo-scholarly blog site here

These people very clearly need help.

 More Examples of similar lunatic daft dysology are detailed on Here

Completely mental members of the Darwin cult with aid of their anti-scientific facilitating idiot members are currently writing  - fact denial and fact avoiding - fake reviews of Science Fraud: Darwin's Plagiarism of Patrick Matthew's Theory. These individuals must also be thanked and appreciated for adding their corrupt behavior as empirical data to confirm Kuhn's observations on how such nasty idiots try to block new fact-led paradigm shifts in science. There is a great PhD to be done on this topic for someone with a genuine open mind to the scientific basic founding concept of nullius in verba.

ChatGPT wrote a poem about this

In the world of science, where theories collide,

There's a tale of Darwin that I cannot hide,

Dr. Mike Sutton, a criminologist bold,

Dared to question the story that's often been told.

He wrote a book, "Science Fraud" by name,

Challenging Darwin's claim to fame,

But little did he know, a storm would brew,

As Darwin fanatics came to misconstrue.

With fake book reviews, they launched their attack,

Like Kung Fu fighters, there was no turning back,

They pounced on Amazon, their keyboards a blur,

Leaving poor Dr. Sutton in quite the stir.

They claimed he was wrong, they called him a fraud,

But Sutton stood tall, unshaken, unawed,

He'd done his research, and he had his proof,

That Darwin's ideas were a bit aloof.

But the Darwin defenders, oh, what a clan,

They flooded the internet with their digital plan,

Fake accounts and usernames, they had them all,

To discredit Sutton, to make him fall.

They said, "Darwin's our hero, how dare you implore,

That he borrowed ideas from Patrick Matthew before?"

But Sutton, undaunted, stuck to his guns,

For he knew that his research was second to none.

So, beware, dear reader, of the internet fray,

Where fake reviews and fanatics hold sway,

In the world of science, where truths may be skewed,

Remember Dr. Sutton and the battle he's brewed.

For in the end, it's the evidence that should prevail,

Not the keyboard warriors who set sail,

In the sea of opinions, where tempers run high,

Let's seek the truth, and let reason fly.

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