Plagiarising Science Fraud

Plagiarising Science Fraud
Newly Discovered Facts, Published in Peer Reviewed Science Journals, Mean Charles Darwin is a 100 Per Cent Proven Lying, Plagiarising Science Fraudster by Glory Theft of Patrick Matthew's Prior-Published Conception of the Hypothesis of Macro Evolution by Natural Selection

Monday, 18 April 2016

Darwin Industry Wealth Warning! New 100 per cent proven facts are on the shelves


100 per cent proven


In the public interest, I have been compelled to write a professionally reviewed essay in response to online obscene abuse and written claims, which have been submitted to the Scottish press, about my expert and independently peer-reviewed scholarly science journal publication of my original research findings. You can read it here (Sutton 2016).

It is very, very silly for anyone to claim that it is not the language of science to claim that something can be 100 per cent proven. Because I have just 100 per cent proven to you that  you have just read the word proven.

The lesson here is: Do not confuse the language a rational person uses to describe what published words  they just read on a page or screen with that used by a scientist to describe confirmatory or disconfirmatory evidence for a hypothesis.

For example, contrary to 156 years of Darwinist propagandising mythmongery by the world's leading Darwin scholars, my original research (Sutton 2016) reveals that it is newly 100 per cent proven that Patrick Matthew's prior-published hypothesis of natural selection in fact was read by other naturalists (indeed influential naturalists known to both Darwin and Wallace) before Darwin and Wallace replicated Matthew's original ideas, claimed they did so independently and and then fallaciously claimed no one read those ideas before they replicated them. It is so 100 per cent proven, because newly discovered 19th century published books and articles reveal that seven naturalists, four known to Darwin and Wallace - three of whom actually influenced them and their influencer's influencers on the topic, or else facilitated their published work on the topic as editors - cited Matthew's book and the original ideas in it in the published literature.  In fact, it is also 100 per cent proven that Darwin lied in that regard, because Matthew had prior-informed him that his ideas were read and fully understood by two naturalists pre-1859, that he knew of.

Amusingly, a Mr Julian (J. F). Derry - a dealer in statures of Darwin and author of a book about him, which he gives away for free with every Darwin Monkey statue purchased on his commercial website is based in Edinburgh, and using an Edinburgh University email address, - sent an email to the Scottish press and several of my friends and associates criticising me and my work. Just one among a myriad of Mr Julian Derry's unfounded and totally unevidenced claims made about me goes exactly as follows :

 "I have never heard a scientist in any discipline use the kind of language that he does to criticise others and qualify his findings, for example, “100% certainty”. Every scientist I know worth their salt doesn't even have the phrase in their vocabulary.”

Suffice it to say, I have already just demonstrated why it is rational and perfectly scientific to state that was has been published is 100 per cent proven to have been published. In other words, as my (see Sutton 2016) peer reviewed article originally reveals:

  1.  It is 100 per cent proven that the world's leading naturalists Sir Gavin de Beer and Ernst Mayr  both wrote that Matthew's work went unread by anyone at all/by any biologists.
  2. . It is 100 per cent proven that Darwin lied in 1860 and 1861 (and every edition of the origin of species thereafter) when he claimed that Matthew's ideas on natural selection  had gone unread until 1860.
  3. It is 100 per cent proven that naturalists who played key roles at the epicentre of influence and facilitation of the work of Darwin and Wallace on natural selection did read the orignal ideas in Matthew's (1831), On Naval Timber, book before 1858. 
  4. It is most amusingly and ironically 100 per cent proven that Mr Derry has some strange notions of what language a scientist uses to criticise others, because it is 100 per cent proven he used the obscene four letter misogynistic "c" word to abuse me on social media. Hilariously, The 100 per cent proof of that disgraceful behaviour is here: Click 
Mr Derry, who was plainly upset by the New Facts in the history of discovery of natural selection published in an earlier edition of the Scottish Courier newspaper), was given short-shrift in the same paper (click here to read) by way of my published reply to  his weirdly ranting self-destructive attempts to deny the importance of what I have originally discovered in the history of discovery of natural selection. Might I respectfully suggest, in line with his monkey-business interests that he start dealing in statues that cannot be 100 per cent proven to exist. He could make a fortune. You know, rather like  selling "Scotch mist" in a jar.

I have added Mr Derry's bizarre "no such thing as 100 per cent proof" in the language of science claim to my collection of the world's most ironic claims. Here.

Anyone interested in facts, rather than brass-necked monkeys lacking balls, can read the full story of the discovery of the New Facts in my Thinker Media e-book Nullius in Verba: Darwin's greatest secret. 

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