Plagiarising Science Fraud

Plagiarising Science Fraud
Newly Discovered Facts, Published in Peer Reviewed Science Journals, Mean Charles Darwin is a 100 Per Cent Proven Lying, Plagiarising Science Fraudster by Glory Theft of Patrick Matthew's Prior-Published Conception of the Hypothesis of Macro Evolution by Natural Selection

Friday, 25 September 2015

Natural History of the Darwinist:Part II: Stupidly Loudon-Naturalist-Blind when cornered

Stupid is stupid does

The Darwinist is "apparently" just as stupid when cornered by its own original stupidity.   
It seems that over the past 155 years Darwin and his Darwinists suffered from a previously undiagnosed cognitive condition called "Loudon-Naturalist-Blindness". The condition caused Darwin to fail to see the name "Loudon" when Mathew wrote to him in the Gardener's chronicle in 1860 to inform him that (1) Darwin had replicated Matthew's (1831) original ideas and discovery of natural selection without citing him and (2) The naturalist Loudon had read those ideas and written a review of his book in 1832. and (3) that another (unnamed) naturalist had read Matthew's book but feared to teach the heretical ideas on natural selection that are in it for fear of pillory punishment.
The highly cognitively contagious nature of the condition is apparent in that Darwin totally ignored the Loudon factor when he later wrote that Matthew's ideas had gone unread until 1860. Darwin then ignored Matthew's second letter in which he very clearly and forcefully informed Darwin of yet another, (unnamed), naturalist, from an eminent institution, who had read his original ideas but feared to teach them.The Loudon-Naturalist-Blind "disease" thereafter spread in the literature as a toxic super-meme, evidenced by the fact that absolutely all the world's Darwinists caught it like a cold in the head and so failed to see the significance of the words "Loudon" or "other naturalists" in Matthew's letters to Darwin. Consequently for the past 155 years they have been writing the fallacy, based on Darwin's intentionally blinding lies, that no biologists and no naturalists, or even no one at all, read Matthew's ideas before Matthew told Darwin about them in 1860. In actual fact, after reviewing Matthew's book in 1832, Loudon wrote:
'One of the subjects discussed in this appendix is the puzzling one, of the origin of species and varieties; and if the author has hereon originated no original views (and of this we are far from certain), he has certainly exhibited his own in an original manner.'
Help Cure LNB Syndrome
Loudon-Naturalist-Blindless, which is endemic in the Darwinist community and the literature of the so-called "Darwin Industry" has led to further cognitive degeneration known as "Institutional Stupidity". Further symptoms include irrational postmodernist beliefs that the word "apparently" can alter the independently verifiable facts of the past in any way you desire.


Adapt or Cry

Scholars, ESPECIALLY STUDENTS, who are not infected are therefore advised to obtain full lifelong immunity from this "apparently" incurable condition by reading Nullius in Verba: Darwin's greatest secret. The book can, "apparently" be obtained, worldwide, from you nearest Amazon store.   
I am working, "apparently" on finding the cure, but to date have been "apparently" unsuccessful in treating "apparently" infected Darwinists, a sadly potentially famous "apparently" incurable case study of 'Loudon-Naturalist-Blindness' is available, "apparently" to view on The Patrick Matthew Project   
Darwinist's brains are toast 
Institutional Stupidity

The Patrick Matthew Supermyth

The Patrick Matthew Supermyth is underpinned by two deliberate lies that Darwin told in order to corrupt the history of discovery of natural selection {here}, and by the fallacious Loudon-Naturalist-Blinding toxic super-meme that the unique ideas on natural selection in Matthew's 1831 book were variously unread by any naturalists, biologists, anyone known to Darwin or Wallace, or indeed anyone, before Matthew brought them to Darwin's attention in 1860.

The Immunisation Against LNB Syndrome (that includes further cognitive inability to see important words and phrases such as *Loudon* and *he is however wrong* *naturalist" and "prior discovery" in the work of anyone other than Charles Darwin) Programme started in 2014. We are currently working on a cure for the infected. 
Visit    for updates on immunisation and treatment progress.
Please Note The neuroscience blindsight explanation for the Appendix Myth also explains perfectly Loudon Naturalist Blindness Syndrome. 

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