Plagiarising Science Fraud

Plagiarising Science Fraud
Newly Discovered Facts, Published in Peer Reviewed Science Journals, Mean Charles Darwin is a 100 Per Cent Proven Lying, Plagiarising Science Fraudster by Glory Theft of Patrick Matthew's Prior-Published Conception of the Hypothesis of Macro Evolution by Natural Selection

Saturday, 25 June 2016

The Academic Abuse Continues: This time its from Associate Professor Jason Rosenhouse

I sent an email today to Associate Professor of mathematics, Dr Jason Rosenhouse of James Madison University (USA).

My email was sent in response to his abusive blog about my research.

On his blog, Jason Rosenhouse is engaging in abusive criticism based upon de-facto fact denial in the published public domain regarding fact that Darwin's and Wallace's known influencers read Matthew's original ideas pre-1858. Indeed, based on what I have discovered, and what he is not aware has been discovered, according to Jason has published his opinion that I am a "big time crackpot". He writes:

 ' Apparently a big-time crackpot named Mike Sutton has made the astonishing discovery that Patrick Matthew, a Scottish farmer, anticipated Darwin in an appendix to an obscure book called Naval Timber and Arboriculture, published in 1831.'

I wrote the polite email to him to inform Jason Rosenhouse where he could find the facts about my research of which he is so apparently ignorant, and to thank Jason for so kindly being such an apparently ignorant doofus to enter the data of his de facto fact denial into the public domain so that he can be quoted and cited for the historical record in my forthcoming scholarly work and that of other scholars on the topic of de facto fact denial in academia.

What AssProf Rosenhouse ignores in his unevidenced (and therefore apparently pseudo-scholarly) criticism of my peer reviewed, published original research findings  (see Sutton 2016) is the brand new original and independently verifiable discovery that overturns all prior Darwinist knowledge claims that Matthew could not have influenced Darwin with the bombshell ideas in his (1831) because it was believed (fallaciously it now turns out) that the ideas in his book went unread by any naturalists until Matthew told Darwin about them in 1860. Jason is also, seemingly, completely ignorant of the fact that Darwin deliberately lied when he wrote that Matthew's ideas went completely unnoticed until 1860. Because Matthew had prior informed him of two naturalists who had read it, one who feared pillory punishment were he to teach Matthew's ideas and the fact Matthew's book had been banned by Perth public library in Scotland for it heretical ideas on natural selection.

I let Jason know that I will pay a visit to his university when I am next in the USA so that he can have the manly and scholarly chance to call me an apparent crackpot to my face. Meanwhile, Jason is now data in the story of desperate, and fiercely ignorant resistance to the new data facts that completely punctures the myth upon which stands the old paradigm of tri-independent discovery of macro evolution by natural selection. I thanked him for that in my email and do so again here.

For use by scholars in the future, I have archived Rosenhouse's apparent abusive blogpost in case it ever disappears.  Meanwhile, you can read it here- if its not yet deleted or heavily edited.

My Email to AssProf Jason Rosenhouse (sent 26th June 2016)

Dear Professor Rosenhouse

I see - without, apparently, having even bothered yourself to find out about the  actual details of what you criticise that you have used social media to publish that you think I'm a "crackpot". Here:  How weird of you.

You are welcome to your uninformed abusive opinion Jason - but might I suggest you actually do a little research before jumping in like an ignorant doofus and abusing and publicly defaming another university scholar on published social media. What on Earth are you thinking of man? You do realise I'm sure that such behaviour is against the social media  code of conduct of your University - don't you? Don't worry - I have absolutely no intention of reporting you. I'm interested in ideas and facts and how others resist - by de facto fact denial behaviour - new discoveries of 100 per cent proven facts. So I welcome what you have published - for the historical record.

Your blog reveals that you don't even know who  we now newly know - thanks to my original research - actually did read Matthew's ideas pre 1858 and how this new discovery completely demolished the old Darwinist story that no naturalist read Matthew. Have you heard of  Robert Chambers (author of the Vestiges of Creation) or Prideaux John Selby (editor of Wallace's Sarawak paper)? How about the fact Loudon (who cited Matthew) went on to Edit two of Blyth's famously influential articles on organic evolution? Well if you have then you know they are newly discovered to have read and cited Matthew's book pre-1858. And if you know that fact then you could only have got it from reading my original "crackpot" (claims you) research. 

If you feel like finding out the independently verifiable new facts. It's all here: Of course, the problem is, you actually have to read something to find out.

There may be lots of crackpots criticising Darwinists Jason, everyone knows that, but I think we both know they do not do so using new data that completely disconfirms prior knowledge claims by the world's leading Darwin scholars. 

Might I suggest you come up to speed with the facts by reading the independently verifiable disconfirming facts for the current paradigm of tri-independent discovery of macro evolution natural selection and the proof that Darwin lied about the prior readership of Matthew' original ideas.

Anyway, thank you for your ignorant, rude and deliberate public defaming insults. Indeed,  thank you for publishing your silly and uninformed abuse and attempt to attack my reputation with childish insults based on no more than your pseudo scholarly ignorance. I have archived it and will be citing you in future scholarly articles regarding  how those who make new discoveries of uncomfortable facts are so defamed by pseudo scholars.

So thanks for the valuable published insulting data Jason. When I'm in the USA next I will take a trip to your university and make a point of asking you face to face, as one university academic to another, if you still think I'm a crackpot and would like to tell me so to my face. 

Best wishes


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